Wednesday, 11 March 2015

My Fb Friend Balaji Sundarababu Given This stragery..Please read care fully Its very useful to you..

GREAT BABU NUMBERS - GBN TRADING METHOD ========================================= Thanks a lot to Balaji Sundarababu for sharing this system with us. This system is created by his father Babu. Hence the name of the system is "GBN" - Great Babu Numbers. This system can identify Supp/Resistances based on numbers only. So there is no need to view charts. Yet the method is very simple to use. Mr. Balaji uses this profitably since a long time & is proficient with its use. So lets see how this MAGIC NUMBER method works. Take following numbers as BASE for system 10----30--- 45---- 55---70---- 90 Now we have to write this in hundreds . Like this - 110, 130, 145, 155, 170, 190 Similarly in round numbers - 100, 300, 450, 550, 700, 900 Long term target - 100,300,450,550,700,900, 1100,1300,1450,1550,1700,1900 2100,2300,2450,2550,2700,2900..... For Nifty or Banknifty or Silver or any other big numbers 1000,3000,4500,5500,7000,9000,11000,13000,14500,15500.. WHY CONSIDER THESE NUMBERS ?? The answer this is the cycling of number (number rotation) prevailing in all the world markets. For Intraday Example, take a stock which is trading 308. Now support of the stock 300 and resistance 310. Like a stock price 222 Support 210 Resistance 230 For 448 support 445 resistance 455 And the second condition:--- Example : If a stock trading at 532 then its resistance 545. But in intra-day the stock will not go straight to 545. Then Take two numbers - 4 and 7 Wherever 4 and 7 comes it would be small support or resistance numbers Let us see an example 532 is the stock price. Then next small resistance 534 here 4 is small resistance then 537 then 544 and only big resistance 545. If the stock goes below then 544, 537,534 acts like support. So wherever u see 4 and 7 is the last digit of the number it will surely acts like support and resistance. Now 3rd and the last condition: Wherever round numbers come like 100,200,300,400,500................ Then +2. Or -2 with the numbers act like support and resistance. See if we take 200 . A stock price when crosses above 200 then 200+2= 202 resistance like below 200 then 200-2= 198. IMPORTANCE OF 55 & 70 ====================== The number 55 and 70 very important numbers. When the number 70 allows to cross it and price closes above it, the stock enters in the next cycle of big target. Mostly it won't allow and all the stock mostly correct at this place 55 or 70. Same thing in breakdown, 55 won't allow the stock to break down and the second cycle of correction will mostly stop. Example;;; Every cycle starts crossing 70. If a stock rallies from 270 then 370 won't allow the stock to take a another round so a good correction comes there . So if the stock is weak & falling then it cannot break 355. So correction will occurs 355 to 370 zone. THE END That's it please read it again and again This is so so soooo simple but only practice will make you perfect!!!"""" Go and refer 50 and more stocks where they took support and resistance yesterday and today or previous day..... This is without chart trading. For best result Use 3 or 4 stocks only and note the open high low close of the stock everyday. So u know where the stock is going...
Balaji Sundarababu A closed price of a stock. Will must give one high and one low. When market open at the same time it cannot give right support or resistance . First it may touch the one side support or resistance of our level after that we can take a decision on the stock
Balaji Sundarababu Actually there is no stop loss for swing trader . For intra day trader put stop loss below the support level according to the stocks. Stock will touch the support level so keep stop loss keep it below the support and above the resistance. Swing trader entre when main resistance level break and keep silent . Ant let the stock free. Then u can sell.